Almost a year before starting our Attic Remodel and Steel Roof project, I met Kevin Balts at the Eau Claire Home and Garden show; Kevin really impressed me with both his knowledge of the work as well as with his personal integrity, and that's ultimately the reason why we hired Balts to execute this project for us. They should be proud of the job they did.

After accepting what was arguably one of the toughest roofing jobs in the area, and adding to that major new construction in putting three new dormers on the roof while sheetrocking and finishing the attic interior to create a true third story for our home, we now have a cozy space where my family spends the majority of our evenings, which also serves as my home office 10 to 12 hours every day.

Balts fit our budget to our desired outcome unlike any of the other builders we interviewed and worked hard to stay within our parameters while also showing a willingness to alter the original plan along the way to work in a few new ideas (like adding a third dormer, at the last minute).

We've increased the energy efficiency of the house by nearly 40 percent (reducing air exchanges from 7.5 per hour to 5.3), reduced our annual homeowners insurance premium by 30 percent and added a 20 percent net increase (selling price as a percentage of total project cost) to the value of the home.

But, the ultimate test of any business referral is whether a customer would hire someone back for more work and in that respect, I recommend Kevin, Shannon, Mary and Balts expert team of professional builders and roofers to anyone considering a similar project.

- Arik, Tina & Liam Johnson, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

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